More efficient supply chains within and between companies

Have you carried out value flow analyses (VFA) and feel that your company is ready for something new? If so, read on! Focusing on activities in the supply chain that lie between the traditional "value creation" processes allows case studies to indicate potential reductions of about 50% in throughput time, along with other major time savings such as in handling time.

Value flow analysis (VFA) is usually limited to within the factory's walls. With this limitation, the analysis can miss the parts of the flow that can have a huge impact on parameters such as capital binding and throughput time. There are often "hidden" activities in the supply chain, such as dealings with third-party suppliers, handling, transport, storage and administration. These activities are visualized in the VFA – Supply Chain method.

VFA starts by defining three new types of activities: administration, handling and transport. These activities (along with warehousing) are mapped when the image of the current situation is created and are targeted when the future scenario is set up.

Supply chain workshop

Swerea offers a workshop where the method is taught and tested on a selected flow in your company, either an internal flow or the flow in a supplier chain. The scope of the workshop varies depending on the type of flow but it usually lasts two days.