Webinar: Machining of AM manufactured parts

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Swerim in collaboration with the AM Arena invites you to a webinar on machining of AM manufactured parts May 18. 

The additive manufacturing (AM) techniques have made it possible to manufacture parts and components with complex geometries, in materials that are sometimes hard to machine. Some post treatment may be needed on functional contact surfaces, with high demands on e.g. friction, load bearing and wear resistant properties.

Machining of AM components is challenged by the different surface and material properties originating from the used AM technology. This seminar gives an opportunity for anyone interested in the topic to increase the knowledge in machining of AM components.

We will draw the picture of the status on machining of AM manufactured parts, both from a research and industry perspective.


10:00‒10:15 Welcome,
Ulrika Brohede, Swerim, Sweden

10:00‒10:15 Introduction and agenda + poll warm-up

Challenges in machining of AM materials from research and industry perspective

10:15‒10:45 Machinability of AM Alloys
Stefania Bruschi, University of Padova, Italy

10:45‒11:15 Challenges with AM component machining in industry
Fredrik Olofsson, Brogren Industries, Sweden

Project presentations regarding machining of AM components

11:15‒11:30 Surface integrity of machined electron beam melted Ti6Al4V alloy manufactured with different contour settings and heat treatment.
Dinesh Mallipeddi, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

11:30‒11:45 AM Arena-project: Turn to AM
Ulrika Brohede, Swerim, Sweden

11:45‒12:00 Vinnova-project: Machining of AM components (MacAM)
David Franklin, Swerim, Sweden

12:00‒12:15 Poll on research interest and future of AM-machining

12:15‒12:30 Closing
Ulrika Brohede, Swerim, Sweden

Open invitation, free of charge. Mandatory registration.

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2020-05-18 10:00 to 2020-05-19 11:45
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Free of charge