Hybrit lab

Working at Swerim

Swerim's most important means of competition is in the knowledge and expertise of our personnel. Our willingness to make use of our staff's knowledge and experience has strongly contributed to the development of our institute. 

Continuously refining both our operations and expertise has required the involvement of everyone in the group when it comes to how work is performed, cooperation and skills development. 

Skills development

Strategic skills development is usually conducted in the form of research projects. This can involve honing our already strong capabilities, utilising synergies between fields or taking early initiatives in new fields. Because industry is our primary target group and with most of our projects being industrially oriented, several of our staff members have substantial industrial expertise.

National and international networks

We work in an international environment and our staff is active both in national and international networks. We also coordinate and participate in a large number of EU projects and have several international clients. Our increased international operations have attracted growing numbers of researchers from around the world.

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