Working at Swerim

Swerim's most important means of competition is the knowledge and excellence of our employees. Our ability to utilize and contribute to our employees' knowledge and experience is strongly linked to our development. 

The strategic competence building is usually carried out in the form of research projects. It can be about the deepening of cutting-edge skills, cross-fertilization between areas or early investments in new fields. Since industry is our primary target group, most of our projects are industry-oriented and many of our employees have extensive industry knowledge. 

National and international contact networks 

We operate in an international environment and our employees participate in both national and international networks. We also coordinate and participate in a large number of EU projects and have several international clients. Increased international activity also contributes to more researchers from all over the world applying to us. 

Diversity and equality 

Within Swerim, diversity means that every employee has the right to be unique and to be respected for the person they are, regardless of gender, ethnicity, belief, disability, gender identity or expression, age or sexual orientation. The employees' diverse experiences are an asset to us and lead to motivation, creativity and a better work environment. 

As an employee with us, you are expected to contribute to a positive work environment where we include each other in the community and show respect for each other's differences. We do not accept any form of offensive discrimination or harassment.