Seminar on 3D-printing for metals

Arena for additive manufacturing

In 2016, Sweden's first arena for the additive manufacturing of metals was launched. The goal of this new arena is to increase the pace within research and innovation, and to ultimately strengthen Swedish competitiveness.

More than 100 people attended the seminar, which signalled the starting shot for the new arena: The Swedish Arena for Additive Manufacturing of Metals. Swerim is now investing heavily in additive manufacturing and the purpose of the arena is to interact and increase the pace within applied research, and to ultimately strengthen Swedish competitiveness. The hope is that 3D technology will contribute to increased product refinement as well as reduce environmental impact and resource consumption within the industry.

Better use of resources with 3D

A major advantage of additive manufacturing is that the material is constructed in layers until the desired geometric form is achieved. This reduces material consumption in comparison with conventional manufacturing, where a larger piece is used from which material is cut away to achieve the desired geometric form. Also, shorter series can be produced and the product can be more easily adapted to meet the customer's needs.

A joint collaboration

The arena is a collaboration between Swerim, RISE, Chalmers and University West. So far, 15 companies have joined the arena with several more to follow.