Arne bengtson och David Malmström

First with powder analysis technique

Surface analysis of tens of thousands of unbound particles with results within a few minutes was previously just a dream. However, this can now be accomplished with the well-established chemical analysis technique GD-OES applied for unbound powders and particles.

“Swerim was first in the world to offer this service,” says Irma Heikkilä at Swerim, and explains that the major advantages of the technology are accuracy, large analysis area and speed.

Test preparation technique enables analysis

The technique GD-OES (Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy), is a chemical technology for analysing the occurrence of various substances in a material.

Swerim has now developed a test preparation technique for analysis of powders and unbound particles, which has not been possible with GD-OES before.

Corect powder properties gives better products

Being aware of the properties of powders is important for producers of powders and powder components. With the new analysis method, Swerim can quickly produce in-depth profiles of powder particles.

“It’s entirely decisive in the manufacture of dense and high performance components, and we also see that the need for characterisation of powders has increased at the same rate as increased capabilities to manufacture components with powder as the raw material. 3D manufacturing is an example of a completely new market for powder,” says Irma Heikkilä.

One of the customers that has utilised the technique is Höganäs.

“With GD-OES we can obtain basic knowledge of our materials in an accurate and time-efficient manner that is of considerable benefit for successful industrial process control,” says Dimitris Chasoglou at Höganäs.