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Image analysis enables temperature control for improved quality

A convenient, easy-to-use image analysis system developed by Swerim provides a rapid overview of temperature uniformity in the heat treatment of steel plate at Swebor.

During heat treatment of boron steel it is important to have careful control over the process temperature, so as to maintain high, uniform product quality.

Company adapted measurement tool

Swerim has developed a convenient, operator-friendly image analysis system to help Swebor Stål assure the quality of boron steel products. The system, a version of the measurement tool Meftemp, is specially adapted to meet Swebor’s measurement needs and has been installed at the company’s plant in Jokkmokk. 

Area images are captured continuously with a thermal imaging camera and Meftemp functions as a line scanner, building up complete images based on the information. The system can thereby measure temperature between the reheating furnace and the cooling line, despite the fact that space is very limited (only a small portion of the surface is visible).

Quick overview of temperature uniformity

The operator can see how the furnace is doing by viewing and analysing the images. This gives a rapid overview of temperature uniformity on the three most-recently heated plates. The operator can thereby verify that the temperature is correct, but also quickly identify any furnace sections with possible heating problems.

“We wanted a means of quality assurance for our products and we needed a convenient solution to check the reheating of our plates. With the help of the temperature measuring system that Swerea developed for us, we gain better control and can tell at an early stage if reheating has to be adjusted", says Aron Granström, general manager at Swebor Stål.

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