Scanmet conference

International steel experts meet in Luleå

Scanmet, the fifth International Conference on Process Development and Steelmaking was held in June last year. 300 participants from more than 30 countries came together to discuss current research in steel manufacture.  

Challenges faced by the industry at present revolve around reducing CO2 emissions, recovering as much energy as possible, and energy-efficient production.  

Steel industry recycling

In June 2016, the Scanmet conference addressed these challenges by focusing on sustainability in steelmaking through the development of by-products, resource and energy efficiency, and various methods to reduce emissions. More than 15 presentations were held on recovery throughout the process chain.

In his keynote speech, Björn Haase from Höganäs illustrated the possibilities of recovery from a Swedish perspective. He provided examples of by-product recovery in the steel industry, both internally within production systems and how the recycling of secondary materials can lead to added value through external recycling.  A number of presentations also raised the important question of how CO2 emissions can be reduced by, for example, replacing fossil carbon with biofuels.  

Networking opportunities

Apart from holding important presentations, Scanmet also provide opportunities for networking and new contacts, something that is becoming increasingly important.

"Scanmet is an important event for us to find out what's happening in the steel industry – both from a professional and scientific perspective," says Carl Orrling from SSAB who attended the conference.