New process saves energy

Outotec has developed a process for hot magnetic separation of metallic fine-grained concentrates and products. The process has been verified with the aid of Swerim’s pilot plant.

Outotec has developed PyroMagTM, a process that can separate magnetic materials under high temperatures. Pilot trials were conducted at Swerim to verify the process.

In the process of direct reduction of iron ore using coal as a reductant, with Outotec's reduction process, a fraction with ferromagnetic properties and a non-magnetic fraction are formed.

Magnetic separation saves energy

By separating these magnetically directly in the hot state (over 700 degrees Celsius) significant energy savings can be made. The metallized magnetic fraction is charged hot in the next process stage, while the carbon in the nonmetallic fraction is recirculated. 

48 hour operation capacity

The equipment used in testing was built by Outotec in Germany, and then shipped to Swerim, where it was assembled, modified and tested. The process was run constantly with up to 4 tonnes of hot material per hour. The targeted 48 hours of continuous operation at high temperature and designed capacity was reached.

Max Dieter Laumann from Outotec in Germany says, "The high professionalism of Swerim’s operational and maintenance group under the leadership of Ulf Sjöström, and the excellent cooperation between the Swerim and Outotec teams made this test a full success."

Commercialization of PytoMagTM

Outotec will now commercialize the PyroMagTM process. Customers will thereby gain access to equipment that enables both energy and cost savings, which ultimately brings environmental gains.