Collaboration between companies and research organisations is essential for Swedish industry to be able to advance its position in an increasingly global and competitive market.

We connects you with relevant research and collaboration partners, gives you insights of the latest findings, and the possibility of developing your business ideas for sustainable growth.

Ways of collaborating 

We collaborate with both small and large companies in different types of set-ups.  The choice of set-up can depend on a range of aspects, such as the type of challenge, level of confidentiality, or access to personnel or funding. We can often recommend an effective solution based on your needs and circumstances. Here is a general overview of different ways of collaborating with us:

  • Commissioned research assignments
  • Long-term collaboration agreements
  • Regional calls
  • National calls
  • International calls
  • Research programmes
  • Networks
  • Test and demonstration facilities

Scientific work for industrial use

We tie together academic findings with industry needs. We help you evolve, adjust, implement and package your idea. Contact us to find out what type of collaboration suits you.