Research and Development (R&D) often occurs in collaboration with multiple actors across national boundaries. Swerim actively leads and participates in a significant number of R&D projects at both the national and EU levels. Participating in various research projects offers great opportunities to develop business ideas and long-term competitiveness.

In an increasingly global market, the need for collaboration and mobility is growing. Through cooperation, our expertise is developed, and we can strengthen our networks. R&D projects provide opportunities to reach beyond local, national, and international borders and achieve progress that would not have been possible otherwise.

Over the years, Swerim has built up an extensive network with companies and research organisations. We assist with all aspects of initiating, applying for, and conducting an R&D project.

Different Ways to Collaborate with Swerim 

Participating in various forms of collaboration through Swerim gives you the opportunity to find relevant research and collaboration partners, access the latest in various fields, and develop your company's ideas – sustainable competitiveness.

We collaborate with both small and large companies in various configurations. The choice of collaboration can depend on various factors such as the issue at hand, personnel resources, the degree of confidentiality, or the possibility of funding. We can often recommend an effective solution based on your conditions.

Read more about the different ways you can collaborate with Swerim and contact us to find out which form of collaboration suits you.