The Non-Ferrous Metals research programme focuses on research and development of processes and product development for non-ferrous metals. We provide solutions for manufacturers as well as end-users.

Members include both manufacturing companies as well as end users of aluminium, copper and brass. A common theme for our projects is the correlation between manufacturing, microstructure and the characteristics of the end-product. The goal is to optimize processes and improve products. 

Our expertise

Members get access to our expertise within:

  • Process simulation, in laboratory scale.
  • Advanced metallography and materials analysis
  • Test methods for specific application areas
  • Virtual simulation
  • Corrosion mechanisms and corrosion tests
  • Functional surfaces and surface characterisation
  • Laser ultrasonics for non-destructive testing or materials characterisation
  • Joining technology, including soldering and  welding

More information

Please contact us if you would like to become a member or if you have any questions.