Member programs and networks

Swerim manage several membership programmes and networks. By gathering different players with interests in the same research area, we are able to find efficient solutions to joint challenges. Many research projects are initiated through collaborative membership programmes or networks.

Within our menber programs we create regular networking opportunities for partners in industry, public administrations, materials suppliers and researchers. This includes project meetings, seminars, conferences and courses.

Our networks is a founding piece of our good relations with the industry sector. The networks engage hundreds of companies, large and small, from different sectors and industries. Joining a network means increased possibilities, expanded network and access to the recent updates on knowledge and know-how.

Want to become a member? Contact the person responsible for the membership programme you are intrested in.

Member programs

Analytical Chemistry and Metallography  A member programme for research and development of new and existing methods within metallography.

Centre for Joining and Structures (CJS)  A platform for research and development within the field of joining and structures.

Computational Tools for Alloy Design  A forum for users of thermodynamic and kinetic calculations for process and alloy development.

Heat Treatment Center (VBCentrum)

Low Alloy Steels and Casting  A member programme for research and development of cutting edge knowledge and long term development of steel making.

Materials in Machining  Research on machining of components and development of cutting processes.

Non-Ferrous Metals  A member programme focussing on product- and process development for non-ferrous metals.

Powder Metallurgy  A member program for research focussing on the impact of alloying elements, contamination and process parameters on microstructure and characteristics of powder materials.

Process Monitoring Member programme for companies interested in the development of techniques for monitoring of industrial processes.

Stainless  Research on stainless steels and nickel-base alloys focussing on the entire product chain – from materials production to the end-consumer. 


Swedish Arena for Additive Manufacturing of Metals The Swedish Arena for Additive Manufacturing of Metals contributes to the development of technology and knowledge to reach the full potential of AM.