Participate in research programs

Active participant 

To actively participate in one of our research programs/research consortia, you send in an expression of interest to our contact person for the program/consortium you are interested in. 

The fee goes directly to the selected program/consortium. 

Link to research programs and research consortia 


  • Participate in and guide the direction of the program/consortium in which you actively participate.
  • Control of distribution and confidentiality regarding research results. 
  • Discounted price list and priority regarding assignments that the company places with Swerim, incl. use of experimental equipment. 
  • Access to website with information about project activities. 
  • Access to Swerim's national and international network with companies, institutes and universities.
  • Free participation in the annual Swerim day as well as in seminars and other meeting activities belonging to the program/consortium. 
  • Electronic newsletter. 

All research and assignment activities are, if the client so wishes, confidential.