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European project F-CUBED “Future Feedstock Flexible Carbon Upgrading to Bio Energy Dispatchable Carriers.


The objective of the European project F-CUBED is to develop an advanced process concept for the hydrothermal conversion of a broad range of low quality biogenic residues to superior intermediate bioenergy carriers (IEC) with fuel characteristics suitable for balancing the power grid, and to produce transportation and heavy industry fuels.

We are working on the proposal to the third stage, CDI level 3.

Project partners and contributions to the value chain

Project partners related to F-Cubed

Swedish partners of Swerim AB and SmurfitKappa

F-CUBED approach enables the overall validation of a feedstock flexible process, able to deal with variable feed characteristics, such as size, composition and pumpability. The tasks for the Swedish partners are to perform a successful pilot campaign on location of the SKP paper factory in Sweden and prove that the thermally treated product can serve as an improved bioenergy carrier while demonstrating a circular overall process concept. The core technology will be scaled up from lab (TRL 3) to pilot scale (TRL 5).

TORWASH pilot plant

Long-duration testing of TORWASH® pilot plant.