Thursday 21 September (Fundamentals)

11.30–13.00 Registration, sandwiches and coffee

13.00–13.10 Welcome to Swerea KIMAB
Eva Lindh Ulmgren, Swerea KIMAB (Session chair)

13.10–13.50 Laser-ultrasonic methods to characterize steel microstructure: Overview and recent developments (Invited)
Daniel Lévesque, National Research Council of Canada

13.50–14.30 Implementation and use of laser-ultrasonic system in a deformation and quenching dilatometer (Invited)
Bernhard Reitinger, RECENDT, Austria

14.30–14.55 The peculiar ultrasonic behaviour of ferrite at elevated temperatures
Bevis Hutchinson, Swerea KIMAB, Sweden

14.55–15.15 Coffee break

Session chair Peter Lundin

15.15–15.40 High temperature elastic properties of austenite – ab initio approach and experimental verification
Pavel Korzhavyi, KTH, Sweden

15.40–16.05 In-situ observation of structural processes in materials by laser-based ultrasonic methods
Michal Landa, Institute of Thermomechanics, Czech Republic

16.05–16.30 Numerical simulation of ulrasonic attenuation by a bimodal grain size polycrystal
Jean-Hubert Schmitt, University Paris-Saclay, France

16.30–16.50 Comparison of single pass and multiple pass measurements for ultrasonic attenuation
Mattias Åslund, Swerea KIMAB, Sweden

16.50–17.10  New developments in diode-pumped Nd:YAG lasers and new opportunities for high repetition-rate Nd:YAG lasers
Hans-Christian Becker, Gammadata Instruments, Sweden 

18.30– Reception and dinner

Friday 22 September (Applications)

Session chair Bevis Hutchinson

09.00–09.40 Combining metallurgical models  and metallography together with laser ultrasonic techniques to monitor steel microstructures at high temperature (Invited)
Nicolas Legrand, ArcelorMittal, USA

09.40–10.05 Experience of laser-ultrasonic measurements in the steelworks environment
Eva Lindh-Ulmgren and Lena Mauritzson, Swerea KIMAB, Sweden

10.05–10.30 Experience of laser-ultrasonic measurements for quality control during hot rolling of pipes
Nicklas Gustavsson, Ovako, Sweden

10.30–10.50 Coffee break

Session chair Lena Mauritzson

10.50–11.30 Laser ultrasonic sensitivity to abnormal grain growth and twinning during metal processing (Invited)
Thomas Garcin, University of British Columbia, Canada

11.30–11.55 Laser ultrasound for the evaluation of additive manufactured parts
Donatella Cerniglia and Nicola Montinaro, University of Palermo, Italy

11.55–12.20 Defect detection in welds using laser-ultrasonics
Erik Lindgren, Swerea KIMAB, Sweden

12.20–12.45 Recent experience of LUS in hot deformation of steels using Gleeble and rolling experiments
Mikael Malmström, Swerea KIMAB, Sweden

12.45–14.00 Lunch 

14.00–15.30 Visits to LUS and GLUS laboratories

Preliminary programme

Program and participants

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