Arena för väte i process och material

Become a member of our new arena for hydrogen in process and materials!

8 November, 2023

Swerim has taken the initiative for the new network "Arena for hydrogen in process and materials". A network for dissemination of results and exchange of experience about hydrogen in process and materials.

Hydrogen affects many parts of the chain in the transition to reach a carbon-neutral industry and we have noticed, in our meetings with industry and academia, that there has been a lack of a forum for hydrogen issues in metals and metallurgy. We offer monitoring of the environment, exchange of experience and dissemination of results as well as the opportunity for development through research for companies. It is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the influence of hydrogen in one's own processes but also those of others.

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The network is financed by our program committee for Metallurgy and Heating and metalworking (VB) (Link to page with participating companies). For those companies that do not participate in our program committes, an annual fee of SEK 15,000 will be paid. You can read more about the arena here.

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