Birthday cake for 2-year-old!

21 October, 2020

Metals research institute Swerim celebrated today with birthday cake. The institute was established two years ago, and two intensive years they have been.

"So much has happened in such a short time. I am very pleased that, during these two years, we have formed five new partnerships with key customers, as well as a collaboration agreement with LTU. In addition, we have recruited new research engineers, many of whom are supporting the Hybrit initiative towards fossil-free steelmaking," says Pontus Sjöberg, CEO Swerim. As it has been for everyone, 2020 has been a special kind of year for the "two-year-old":

"Looking at the company, I am satisfied that we reacted quickly when the pandemic became a fact of life. Quite simply, we have been very good at setting the right priorities in our work, and that pleases me.

Swerim conducts needs-based industrial research and development concerning metals and their route from raw materials to finished products. We extend many thanks to all of our customers and colleagues for everything we have succeeded in doing over these two years. Together, we create benefit for industry.