Chuan Wang, Swerim

Chuan Wang – Associate professor at KTH

6 September, 2022

Chuan Wang is research manager for recycling and environment at metals research institute Swerim. He has now been appointed associate professor in resource efficiency and environment in the department for process engineering at KTH.

Chuan Wang completed his doctorate at Luleå University of Technology in 2007. Now he is honoured to join KTH in the role of associate professor and is looking forward to joining a research group at KTH, where he will inspire and encourage young students to engage in research and pursue a doctorate in a subject that he is passionate about.

"We have to take advantage of the interest and enthusiasm among students, and introduce them to the subject, so that we can be even better at recovering and recycling materials in a resource-efficient manner," says Chuan Wang.

Chuan's specific area of research concerns the upgrading of residual material in order to replace virgin material and thereby save nature resources. Among other things, Chuan is coordinating the Vinnova UDI project OSMET, of which the aim is to use residual products generated in the pulp and paper industry and other industrial sectors for use in metallurgical applications. The objective is to help to alleviate climate change, minimise landfilling and preserve natural resources in order to achieve a circular economy.

“We are very pleased that Dr. Chuan Wang will be joining us as associate professor in the unit for process engineering in KTH Materials Science for three years,” says unit manager Björn Glaser, continuing, “With his longstanding experience and unique knowledge in the area of resource efficiency, he will contribute to a very important and growing area within the field of metallurgy.”

This collaboration will also be very important for strengthening ties between Swerim and KTH.