Bild: Liljewall Arkitekter/ByggVesta

Climate-smart concrete from grain by-products

23 May, 2022

The new, climate-smart building material Agri™ concrete was presented for the first time in May by ByggVesta. The pre-cast concrete elements, which have half as much climate impact as conventional concrete, have been installed in ByggVesta's property Sköterskan, in Sege Park, Malmö.

“In a time of climate anxiety, when there is the need for sustainable building construction and a cement crisis facing Sweden and the industry, it is very exciting to be involved in the development of a technology that not only cuts climate impact by half, but also results in a near-fifty-percent reduction in the amount of cement. With this method, we can see that it would be easily possible to fall well below 200 CO2e/m2 per GFA, which is less than a multi-family dwelling made of wood. The best possible innovation for sustainable building,” says Bill Ögren, Production Manager at ByggVesta Development.

“Swerim has contributed to the project by developing a stable combustion process using oat husk with fluid bed technology. The process yields an amorphous siliceous ash with good hydraulic properties. The ash can replace cement in the manufacture of concrete,” explains Lars-Olov Nordberg, senior research engineer at Swerim.

Agri™Betong has been developed under the Swedish Energy Agency's research programme Industriklivet in collaboration with the research institute RISE, concrete manufacturer Strängbetong, the Municipality of Södertälje, Lantmännen and research institute Swerim. The project has resulted in the creation of a type of industrial concrete that has half as much climate impact as conventional concrete.

Graphic: Liljewall Arkitekter/ByggVesta


Lars-Olov Nordberg, Swerim, lars-olov.nordberg [at]
Caroline Lind, ByggVesta, presskontakt, caroline.lind [at]