Invigning av agglolabb

Inauguration of new lab in Luleå

9 June, 2023

Successful inauguration of the metal research institute Swerim agglomeration lab – a laboratory that creates new opportunities for a mining and steel industry under transition!

About fifty people participated in the inauguration, which took place at Swerim in Luleå. The participants came from Sweden, our neighboring countries and Germany.

Reduced environmental impact

For the mining and metals industries, among others, agglomeration is an important process that contributes to better material handling, improved product quality, efficiency and reduced environmental impact in the production of metallic products.

"This investment that Swerim has made is an important piece of the puzzle to support the industry towards reaching the goal of competitive, sustainable industry according to agenda 2030", says CEO Pontus Sjöberg, Swerim.

In simple terms, agglomeration is a process whereby raw materials such as iron ore, copper concentrate and coal are compacted to lumps or pellets. This is done using methods which vary depending on the material and application. The benefits include lower production costs, less use of virgin raw materials and reduced need for landfilling.

"For our partners in industry, our new lab offers many possibilities for testing and development", says Chuan Wang, head of the Recycling and Environment group at Swerim. "Together, we are working for a more sustainable industry".

Read about what the lab can offer: PDF icon Agglomeration at Swerim (843.78 KB)

Photo: Mikael Larsson, Manager research area Metallurgy and CEO Pontus Sjöberg. 

Photo: Magnus Stenberg, Luleåfotograferna