Karl Fahlström

Karl Fahlström included on IVA:s 100 List 2020

4 March, 2020

We congratulate Karl Fahlström, whose doctoral thesis project, “Laser welding of lightweight structures”, has been included on the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) 100 List 2020. 

His work resulted in a disputation at University West last year. Karl will present his research at the Research2Business Summit on March 18th. The summit is an annual national forum to which selected researchers from university colleges, universities and institutes, and decision-makers with responsibility for innovation and research and development in companies and organizations are invited.

Karl Fahlström’s project demonstrates how the vehicle industry can meet climate targets with reduced carbon dioxide emissions in order to meet increasingly tougher emissions requirements.

“This can be achieved by introducing materials with increased strength relative to their weight. Production methods such as laser welding also provide advantages such as high productivity and greater rigidity in welded joints,” explains Karl Fahlström.

The project has resulted in improved knowledge of the commonly occurring quality-related problems associated with laser welding, and recommendations for how these problems can be avoided have been presented.

IVA's 100 List 2020 includes current research projects that can create value, for example, via commercialization and business development, and benefit for users, companies and society, within the foreseeable future.