Swerim team at PO7 beamline

Large scale infrastructure research facility (LSI)

17 December, 2020

The large scale research facilities that are currently being built in Sweden, MaxIV, and ESS, together with the Swedish co-financed material research beamline in Hamburg (Petra III), offer unprecedented opportunities for researchers in the Swedish metal industry.

During recent years Swerim has been working extensively on building a strong competence within the advanced photon and neutron-based techniques. To help the Swedish metal industry to effectively use LSI facilities and monetize the new knowledge, Swerim team now includes experts in photon and neutron-based techniques located in Lund and Stockholm.

Swerim’s newly formed LSI team has been taking an active role in coordinating and helping the Swedish metal industry to fund their pilot projects (mostly via Vinnova) and explore the possibilities of synchrotron and neutron facilities within various areas. Examples of these areas include in-situ bulk phase transformation, texture, deformation, and strain evolution, characterization of inclusion microstructure evolution during the additive manufacturing process; and/or using more surface sensitive techniques to study the surfaces and interfaces of metallic materials and their behavior in various environments and operations, characterization of thin films such as passive protective films, chemical depth profiling of metallic structures.

Swerim is currently supporting industry in >15 pilot projects and successfully concluded >15 projects. Some of these pilot projects, after establishing the appropriate method and conditions have resulted in the continued projects directly funded by the industry. In addition to the experiments, Swerim has been offering courses, workshops, and seminars in various areas related to LSI research, contributing to the development of knowledge and competence within the metal industry community.  

We at Swerim look forward to discussing possibilities to perform experiments at large scale research facilities to provide Swedish metal industry community with new valuable information that is not accessible with conventional laboratory techniques.

LTI PO7 beamlineDiffraction pattern
From left to right: Overview of PO7 beamline at Petra III, example of diffraction pattern acquired durin in-situ measurements.


  • David Lindell, david.lindell [at] swerim.se ‒ Area coordinator
  • Erik Claesson, erik.claesson [at] swerim.se  ‒ X-ray & Neutron Small Angle Scattering
  • Fredrik Lindberg, fredrik.linberg [at] swerim.se ‒ Metal research, X-ray techinuqes (diffraction, tomography)
  • Tuerdi Maimaitiyili, tuerdi.maimaitiyili [at] swerim.se ‒ X-ray Diffraction & Neutron Tomography
  • Shirin Nouhi, shirin.nouhi [at] swerim.se ‒ X-ray & Neutron Scattering
  • Sareh Götelid, sareh.gotelid [at] swerim.se ‒ AM/X-ray Spectroscopy
  • Konstantin Simonov, konstantin.simonov [at] swerim.se ‒ Corrosion/X-ray spectroscopy