Katarina Lundkvist, Swerim

Luleå resident Katarina Lundkvist has been granted a Licentiate Degree in Metallurgy

13 December, 2019

Luleå resident Katarina Lundkvist, research engineer at metals research institute Swerim, has received a Licentiate Degree in Metallurgy. Her thesis presents case studies showing possibilities for improved material efficiency in Nordic ore-based iron- and steelmaking systems.

Iron and steel production also give rise to residual materials such as metallurgical slags, dusts and sludge. These products contain valuable materials, for example, vanadium. Work to find methods for utilizing as much of these secondary materials as possible is therefore ongoing. This will enable a reduction in the use of virgin raw materials and help to minimize landfilled volumes.

 "Findings from the case studies demonstrate the potential and best scenarios for recirculating residual materials, and the effect on the use of raw materials such as iron ore pellets and limestone in steel productions," says Katarina Lundkvist.