Mikael Malmström, Swerim

Mikael Malmström has been awarded the 2019 Lagneborg

17 December, 2019

Mikael Malmström has been awarded the 2019 Lagneborg Award, amounting to 25,000 SEK, for his exemplary contribution to research in analytical process monitoring.

During his four years at Swerim he has driven and developed research in laser ultrasound which, in addition to indepth collaboration with SSAB and other new customers, has led to the publication of conference papers and journal articles, and highly significant results from industrial measurement studies at SSAB, results which have provided new insight into their materials in the production process. His work has recently resulted in a patentable discovery in laser ultrasound that will help customers to implement the technology.

Mikael is a bright researcher who works with a high degree of scientificity and has great credibility among colleagues and customers. He explains complicated processes in a simple and pedagogical way, which is reflected in the yearly lectures he has given for students at KTH, in presentations at internal research meetings and for the colleagues he has supervised. He is a positive, helpful and much-admired colleague who is always easy to work with.

Contact: Mikael Malmström, +46 70-226 38 88, mikael.malmstrom [at] swerim.se

Lagneborg Award: 25,000 kronor. The award is given annually to one or more people who, through their good presentations or results, have made a very significant contribution to the advancement of Swerim's position or development.