Fredrik Gustavsson, Swerim

Multi-million investment in electron microscopy

27 November, 2019

Swerim has invested 8 million kronor in the laboratory for electron microscopy, which will mean both faster and better results for analyses of microstructures in metallic, polymeric and ceramic materials.

The equipment includes two brand-new high-resolution scanning electron microscopes (FEG-SEM) and an upgrade of the transmission electron microscope (TEM) with a modern CMOS camera with higher sensitivity for electrons, which enables higher resolution and faster imaging and diffraction.

Electron microscopes are indispensable instruments at Swerim. They are used, above all, in the analysis of microstructures, surfaces and failure and corrosion mechanisms in metallic materials, in everything from process- and product engineering to failure analyses, for example, to determine the causes fracturing.

"The new microscopes and new detectors have given us better and, to a degree newer, tools that will allow us to conduct new types of analyses," explains Joacim Hagström, senior researcher and specialist in electron microscopy. One of the microscopes has extremely high resolution, even at low accelerating voltage, which means that we can image and analyse very fine particles and details in the material. The other microscope enables observation in lower vacuum, which facilitates analyses of polymeric, ceramic and biological materials.

"This has made our work faster and more efficient, and it has improved the quality of our results," concludes Joacim Hagström. For our customers, this means that Swerim will continue to be Sweden's leading research institute in metallography and microanalysis with a very high degree of expertise and high-performance instruments. This is a guarantee of the high quality of the work we do.

More information on new investment in SEM and TEM. joacim.hagstrom [at]