CRM No 100

Narema takes over the sale of reference materials

12 December, 2019

In order to give you the best possible service within certified reference materials Swerim has decided to let Narema take over the business Januari 1, 2020. Narema is a newly started company run by Michael Granfors, who has been the expert in chemical analysis and reference materials at Swerim for many years but now decided to start his own company.

The CRM ordering at Swerim will take holiday from the 16th of December and Narema will take over from the beginning of next year. Since all purchases will be handled via Narema, please update your contact information and ordering details: och crm [at]

Read the full message in the attached pdf: PDF icon Info från Swerim och Narema (91.42 KB).

Pontus Sjöberg, vd Swerim
Michael Granfors, vd Narema