Extruder, Swerim

Our Lab-extruder, it's finally in place

15 February, 2022

The lab-extruder is now in place at Luleå, and at the moment the equipment commissioning is ongoing. The extruder is suitable to agglomerate more complex materials, for instance, ultrafine materials (e.g. sludge and dust), coke/coal fines, mineral fines and concentrates, bio-materials etc., with the focus on increasing resource efficiency, minimizing wastes and saving virgin materials.

“The lab extruder is complementary to our existing agglomeration facilities at Swerim, enabling us to perform more research work to help our industrial partners further improve waste handling and recycling, valorizing secondary materials, hence, facilitating to achieve the sustainable goals.” says Chuan Wang, Group Manager, in the area of Recycling and Environment at Swerim.

The investment has been made with financial support from the Hugo Carlsson Foundation for Scientific Research.

The movie: Lab Extruder.