Karin och Magnus, Tata Steel Surahammar

Partnership with Tata Steel Surahammars Bruks

1 July, 2020

Swerim has partnered with Tata Steel Surahammars Bruks AB, a company that develops and manufactures electrical steel sheet for electrical machines and is now focusing on thin electrical steel sheet for motors for electric vehicles.

As with our other partnerships, the aim is long-term collaboration whereby the client gains access to our leading-edge expertise in, for example, microstructural modelling, texture development and advanced materials characterization, while Swerim has the opportunity to further develop these areas.

"Development of electrical steel sheet for electric vehicles is advancing rapidly. Here, the agreement with Swerim will help us to remain at the forefront," says Magnus Lindenmo, Technical Customer Service, Surahammar.

"The agreement gives us access to leading-edge expertise and advanced equipment which we, as a relatively small company, do not have," says Karin Haglund, Development Manager, Surahammar.

Behind the initiative are Lena Ryde, Swerim and Magnus Lindenmo, Surahammar.

Photo: Karin Haglund, Development Manager, and Magnus Lindenmo, Technical Customer Service, Tata Steel Surahammars Bruks AB.