Ringhals nuclear power plant a new member company

27 January, 2022

The Ringhals nuclear power plant, which aims to ensure safe and reliable energy supply, is a new member of Swerim. Ringhals has more than 40 years of experience of power production and is part of the European energy group Vattenfall.

"It is very exciting to welcome a company like Ringhals, for whose operation it is paramount to ensure the quality and standardization of processes and components prior to commissioning. We hope that Ringhals and Swerim can collaborate to further raise the level of quality of materials and processes within powder metallurgy," says Emil Strandh, who heads the Powder Metallurgy programme (PM) at Swerim.

"Over the years Ringhals has conducted a number of research projects, both under its own management and in collaboration with Swerim, aimed at manufacturing and environmental quality assurance for various PM processes. This work is ongoing and, via membership in the PM research programme, we see an opportunity to further develop and take steps towards even higher Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) within this area," says Per Waernqvist, Ringhals.

From the perspective of the nuclear power industry, development within the field of powder-based materials and processes has achieved successively higher TRL. The nuclear power industry is regulated by applicable normative and legislated requirements, as well as by internally established requirements based on the licence holder's perspective. As part of the overall requirements, materials and components that are intended for use in operations must be thoroughly tested and assured, which places high demands on full transparency and control of the entire chain of manufacturing (value chain).


Björn Forssgren, Ringhals
Per Waernqvist, Ringhals
Emil Strandh, Swerim, emil.strandh [at] swerim.se

Photo: Ringhals.