Simulator for pretreatment of LiBs

Simulator for pretreatment of lithium-ion batteries

16 June, 2020

Recycling of lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) is one of business areas. Within the SCOPE-LIBs project funded by Energimyndigheten, a simulator for pretreatment of LiBs like crushing and heating was recently constructed at Swerim. This simulator will be used to investigate the formation mechanism of hazardous gases during pre-treatment of LIBs and the possibility to recover electrolytes from spent LIBs.

SCOPE-LIBs project has a total budget of 9.8 MSEK. Swerim is the project coordinator and has a budge share of 5.83 MSEK, the other project partners include Northvolt, Stena Metall, Boliden, uRecycle, Volvo and RISE IVF. The LIBs of various types have been supplied by Stena Metall and Northvolt to Swerim for the initial trials.

Dr. Xianfeng Hu leads the project manager and is the contact person for the technical details of the SCOPE-LIBs Project. Dr. Guozhu Ye coordinates international cooperation part of the project.


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