Gunnar Ruist, Outokumpu och Yu-chiao Lu, KTH

Successfully performed EAF pilot trials

22 December, 2021

We have successfully performed EAF pilot trials at Swerim. Several types of hydrochar (one type of biocarbon derived from various biogenic residues via hydrothermal carbonization process) and one secondary lime material were tested to replace anthracite and burnt lime.

“We are very interested in using industrial residues to replace virgin materials, thus we can reduce the fossil carbon footprint from raw materials in our EAF process.  On a larger perspective, I personally feel that this is a natural step towards collaboration between two of the main industries in Sweden. This is one sustainable way forward for the climate change mitigation.” says Jesper Janis, General manager Technical & Quality, Outokumpu Avesta.

The secondary lime material was provided by Essity, after upgrading it was used for EAF pilot trials.

“This project demonstrates an interesting way of the possibility to use residues from one industry as raw material in another. Contributing both to circularity and decarbonization.” said Gunnar Johansson, Quality & Environment Manager, Essity Hygiene and Health.

The partners that were involved in the pilot trials are Outokumpu, SMA Mineral, StoraEnso, Essity, Ingelia, KTH and Swerim. For more information, please contact the project manager, Dr. Chuan Wang, Swerim.

Swerim is leading Vinnova UDI project, OSMET 3.0. The project aims to use industrial symbiosis to maximise the value chain of industrial residues, thus contributing to mitigate climate change, minimise residues to landfill and save natural resources.

Photo: Gunnar Ruist, Outokumpu and Yu-chiao Lu, KTH.