TDS, Swerim

Swerim invests in TDS

27 November, 2019

This autumn Swerim invested two million kronor in new equipment for its laboratory in Kista. TDS (Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy) facilitates measurement of, for example, concentrations of hydrogen and argon.

"Our ambition is to be a leading research institute without being too dependent on third parties," says David Malmström, researcher at Swerim and responsible for the new TDS equipment at the metals research institute Swerim.

The TDS technology is very accurate and sensitive due to its special detector – a mass spectrometer.

"We have previously been unable to measure diffusible hydrogen, which can give rise to corrosion. The new equipment is the best on the market," says David Malmström.


For more information contact David Malmström, david.malmstrom [at],  +46 (0)70 305 40 45