Klara Trydell, Swerim

The Lagneborg Award for 2022

5 December, 2022

The 2022 Lagneborg Award, amounting to 25,000 kronor, has been awarded to Klara Trydell at Swerim for her efforts within the field of joining technology. In an exemplary way she has driven and developed work within the Joining Centre, which now has 15 dedicated and very satisfied member companies.

During the year, in addition to her work within the Joining Centre, she has generated and initiated research projects concerning weld oxides and encouraged new collaborations within Swerim. She has also produced an article on plasma welding for Welding of the World, which she presented at this year's IIW conference in Japan.

Klara is a research engineer who is highly esteemed by research colleagues and customers – she is an excellent role model for researchers at Swerim. She has expertise and integrity and is very easy to work with. Klara is well-liked and contributes boundless commitment, drive and joy.

The Lagneborg Award
Prize sum: SEK 25,000. The award is given annually to one or more people who, through their good presentations or results, have made a very significant contribution to the advancement of Swerim's position or development.