swwerim-dagen 60 år

The Luleå facility celebrate 60 years of research

31 October, 2023

The Swerim day in Luleå was a bright spot that provided fuel. Together we celebrated 60 years of research in Luleå.

Our own business area managers Mikael Larsson and Daniel Palo gave the audience the historical picture.

With history as a starting point, the afternoon continued at a high pace with flash lighting of several current research projects where industry collaborates with Swerim. An example was Pär Ljungkvist, SSAB who came more or less directly from the test halls to the stage in Clarion's large conference room. He indicated that it was difficult to leave the research trials because they were so exciting, but still gave a colorful status report.

Another who testified about how decisive Swerim was in being able to take the step out into industrial production was Stefan Sandberg, Talga Group. We received a quick "pitch" of the state of the anode factory, which is scheduled to be operational in 2025.

The afternoon ended with a panel discussion with Annika Roos (Jernkontoret), Roger Hahne (LKAB), Per-Emil Back (Gestamp HardTech) and our own Pontus Sjögren, where those present could agree that it is research that creates development!

Photo: Magnus Stenberg