Lars-Olov Nordberg pristagare

The research station's memory prize 2020 and 2021

14 December, 2021

The 2021 prize has been awarded to Lars-Olov Nordberg. Lars-Olov has many years of experience and knowledge in a range of fields. He has applied his expertise in powder technology to support development within powder materials and additive manufacturing.

Lars-Olov has also worked actively to promote industrial collaboration with customers within the battery minerals field. Lars-Olov's commitment and integrity make him an excellent role model for researchers at Swerim.

The 2020 prize

Paul Cobden

The 2020 prize has been awarded to Paul Cobden. Paul has long shown both attentiveness and curiosity in developing new projects and project ideas with the CCU/CCUS area. He has also been very active in the creation of successful project consortia and project applications. Paul is a good ambassador for researchers at Swerim and is well respected by customers, colleagues and collaborating partners.

Forskningsstationens minne  

The Forskningsstationens mine prize is awarded annually to one or more people who, through their good presentations or results, have made a very significant contribution to the advancement of Swerim's position within needs-based industrial research and development concerning metals and their route from raw materials to finished products.