Seminarium Jernkontoret_OSMET

Towards fossil-free industry

23 October, 2019

Climate change is a global problem. In October an international panel, with representatives from Europe and China, discussed how carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced.

Jernkontoret (the Swedish Steel Producers' Association) and metals research institute Swerim hosted a seminar and workshops for representatives from industry, academia, universities and public administrations. Guest speakers came from Sweden, Finland, Austria, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and China.

One of the themes for the day was industrial symbiosis. Chuang Wang, senior researcher and project manager at Swerim, presented the research project OSMET. The aim of this project is to help major industry sectors (metals and pulp and paper) to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and landfilling of residual products.

"Global warming is a global problem. Therefore, global efforts are needed. Hopefully, this knowledge-filled day has inspired new collaboration," said Robert Eriksson, Research Manager at Jernkontoret.

Video som beskriver OSMET.