Stepwise - cost efficient CO2 reduction in the iron and steel industry

The EU's Horizon 2020 research programme has recently granted funding for the Stepwise project amounting to 13 million euros over four years. Swerea MEFOS is one of nine partners in the project, which addresses cost-effective reduction of CO2 emissions from the iron and steel industry.

A pilot-plant facility will be built at Swerea MEFOS in Luleå, where a series of trials will be conducted during the course of the project. Gas from SSAB's blast furnace will be delivered to the pilot plant via a pipeline.

Swerea MEFOS part of the project is EUR 7.6 million and mainly consist of:

  • Design and construction of a pilot plant, that processes 800 nm3/h blast furnace gas.
  • Pilot plant operation
  • Theoretical integration and optimisation of the process into the steel plant
  • A 500 m pipeline is built from SSAB to Swerea MEFOS

The Stepwise project has the potential to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions by 2.1 Gton/year, based on current emissions levels.

The four-year project will begin in May 2015. The project is coordinated by ECN (NL), and the other partners are Universitatea Babes‐Bolyai, Johnson Matthey PLC., SSAB, Swerea MEFOS, Politecnico di Milano, Kisuma Chemicals B.V., Foster Wheeler Italiana Srl and Tata Steel Consulting.

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