Swerea continuously publish scientific articles, reports, conference proceedings, manuals and many other publications within our fields of expertise. Many (not all) of these are available for download below or in our online shop.

If you seek a specific publication you may also contact our subsidiaries directly, through email. 

Scientific reports and publications
All of our scientific reports and publications are also assembled within the DIVA database (opens in a new window). 

Publikation Författare År Typ
Guideline – How to measure current, voltage and arc power in arc welding Download Kjell-Arne Persson and Alexander Lundstjälk 2019 Reports

No abstract available.

Additiv manufacturing of metals - Materials Solutions – from powder to product Download Annika Strondl 2018 Brochures

We offer services throughout the value chain – from design and processing of powder materials to components. We boost up your development needs and are your support for efficient manufacturing and alternative materials choices.

Report database, Swerim Swerim 2018 Reports

Open reports from Swerim.

Certified reference material Download Michael Granfors 2017 Brochures

No abstract available.

CRM Catalogue Download Michael Granfors 2017 Brochures


Order a printed catalog by e-mail library@swerea. It is free of charge.

Virtual methods Download Niclas Stenberg 2017 Brochures

No abstract available.

Additive manufacturing Download Joakim Ålgårdh 2016 Brochures

No abstract available.

Advanced mechanical testing Download Taina Vuoristo 2016 Brochures

No abstract available.

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Download Tania Irebo 2016 Brochures

No abstract available.

The future of materials – 3 trends and 7 truths. Download Swerea 2016 Reports

The need for better and smarter materials is big and endless. What does it take to create the materials of the future and what is the competition? In Swerea’s new trend report The Future of Materials, industry, academia, public institutions, futurists and Swerea experts have identified 3 driving forces and 7 truths that will affect materials- and products development.

Thermo physical laboratory Download Peter Andersson, Taina Vuoristo 2016 Brochures

No abstract available.

Future of Industry - where we are headed and why Download Swerea 2015 Reports

What is required to make swedish industry grow and prosper into the future? In 2015 Swerea carried out a study focussing on the future of industry: driving forces, trends and scenarios affecting swedish based industry. The result of the study, made in collaboration with Kairos Future, is something we want to share with the industry. 

Modelling and materials science Download Swerea MEFOS 2015 Brochures

A greater degree of specialization strengthens the competitiveness of steel and metal companies. Product and materials engineering, demands on high and consistent quality, high material yield and energy efficiency place greater demands on processes.

The ability to control every aspect of the process demands accurate, reliable simulations. Swerea MEFOS has its own computational capacity, a Linux cluster with about 200 cores that enables shorter simulation times for large-scale models. Simulation results can be verified in our pilot-plant facilities.

Pretreatment and agglomeration Download Swerea MEFOS 2015 Brochures

Our agglomeration lab provides the industry with research and development services in agglomeration and pretreatment. This includes everything from product development of fine-grained raw materials to recycling of metal-bearing residual products such as sludges and dust. Higher material efficiency is ever more important.

Process integration - a holistic perspective Download Swerea MEFOS 2015 Brochures

No abstract available.

Fluidized bed pilot plant Download 2014 Brochures

The fluidized bed process presents good potential for utilizing raw materials that have a higher content of pollutants. With our advanced pilot facility and the knowledge centre FLUBET, we wish to secure a world-leading position as a developer of metallurgical processes in large pilot scale.

Steel and its Heat treatment - a handbook Torsten Holm, Pelle Olsson, Eva Troell 2010 Books

The book “Steel and it’s heat treatment – a handbook” covers everything from metallography, grades of steel, heat treatment processes and material testing to the equipment used, associated processes, safety and the environment. Examples of heat treatment methods dealt with are case hardening, induction hardening, nitriding processes, tempering and annealing.

Pilot Plant Equipment Download Swerea MEFOS Brochures

No abstract available.