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Chemical Analyses

At Swerea, we have a very wide-ranging stock of instruments and we carry out a large number of different chemical analyses both on solid materials and products such as metals, plastics, textiles, composites and ceramics, but also on liquids, gases, lubricants, et al.

Our chemistry laboratories are used within our research studies and for various assignments relating to materials characterisation and chemical analyses. For most of the elements in a material, we are able to determine trace and ultra-trace concentrations down to a few thousandths weight-percentage, including carbon, sulphur and phosphorus.

Hydrogen analysis

We also work intensively on hydrogen and our standard hydrogen analysis has a detectability of <1ppm in most metals. We are able to analyse both the bulk composition and the composition of a thin layer on the surface.

We also analyse gases, liquids including different types of fuel and different types of organic (lubricants, polymer layers etc) and inorganic (thin oxide layers, corrosion products) materials.

Analysis of substances harmful to the environment and health

In addition, we carry out several types of analysis that have become increasingly important as regards environmental work, including volatile substances, analysis of substances harmful to the environment and health, and analysis in compliance with REACH.

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