Electronics testing and analysis

Electronics testing is important to ensure the security of electronics products. Swerea has well-equipped laboratories and solid experience of testing and analysis of electronics and electronics components.

We can help you to develop, test and quality assure your current and future electronics products. Aspects such as encapsulation technology, thermal design and reliability assessment are decisive for optimizing the function and service life of electronics and electronics components.

Test facilities

Our laboratory facilities include SEM, EDS and TEM for microanalysis, climate chambers for temperature cycling and environmental testing, and special equipment for vibration and mechanical shock testing of electrical solder joints.

EMC Directive

The purpose of the EU's Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive is to ensure that the electromagnetic interference generated by electronic devices does not exceed a certain level. At our EMC laboratories in Mölndal, Stockholm and Malmö, you can test products under development to ensure compliance with the EMC directive.

We provide electronic testing and analysis, above all, in the following areas:

  • Reliability testing
  • Cleanliness testing of printed circuit boards
  • Lifecycle and environmental testing
  • HALT/ HASS and vibration testing
  • Climate chambers for temperature cycling
  • Mechanical shock testing of electrical solder joints
  • Quality assurance and testing of electronic contacts
  • Shock and vibration testing of electrical solder joints
  • Evaluation and failure analysis of lead-free solder joints
  • Optimization and failure analysis of SiC power components