Environmental testing in accordance with standards

Many companies have requirements stipulating that the quality of electronic products must be certified with various types of environmental tests involving temperature, humidity and voltage. Swerim provides testing resources in this field.

Environmental requirements

Environmental testing includes an initial phase in which relevant climate requirements are placed on the product, often in the form of standardised tests. We can help with specifying the requirements that could be applicable.

In certain cases, some form of monitoring or measurement is needed during testing. For products subjected to major temperature variations, external or internal, cracks may occur at soldered joints.

Avoiding electrically conducting contaminants

Circuit boards are exposed to various types of chemicals during manufacture. If not sufficiently removed, these chemicals can affect circuit board function. Swerim has the expertise and equipment to verify that the manufacturing processes do not deposit undesirable amounts of electrically conducting contaminants.


Swerim's equipment includes three-chamber cabinets for shock testing, single-chamber cabinets for controlled temperature ramping up to 10 K/min, as well as several humidity cabinets that can reproduce both static and cyclic conditions. Complementing these resources are various types of measurement equipment, such as open circuit detectors and instruments for measuring surface insulation.

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