felanalys av elektronik

Testing and failure analysis of electronic hardware

Swerim expertise includes materials and failure analysis, reliability testing, selection of electronics packaging and process validation.

Materials and failure analysis

The extremely fast development within the areas of both materials and technology, means that there is an ever increasing risk of more and more faults and mistakes being made in electronics manufacture. These can be extremely expensive if not picked up in time.

It is therefore very important to catch, identify, analyse and rectify any weaknesses in a product or manufacturing as early as possible.

Test and quality checks

We offer test and quality checks, so that you can test and develop your product and processes during the development phase in order to reduce any development loops and thereby achieve a shorter time to market.

Early failure due to design weaknesses and material/process related defects can be analysed using HALT/HASS testing which stimulates defects to failure. Ageing and wear related failures require accelerated tests designed to simulate the failure mechanism in order to enable the expected lifetime to be estimated. Swerea can carry out both types of testing.

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