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Large scale facilities

The large scale facilities that are currently being built up in the south of Sweden, MaxIV and ESS, together with the Swedish co-financed material research beamline at DESI in Hamburg (PetraIII) gives researchers in the Swedish metal industry unprecedented possibilities for materials research using diffraction, spectroscopy and tomography.

We offers the Swedish metal industry help to effectively use and make benefit of these facilities, as a part of the research done in some of our current member research consortia, in bilateral projects or by grant financed research. We are taking part in the operation of the national platform Metalbeams for cooperation between industry, institute sector and academia in the area. During 2019 Swerim made a focused personal investment with employment of two experts that are situated in the south of Sweden close to the facilities. At Swerim in Kista there are experts with knowledge in the use of large scale facilities coupled to our material research areas such as low alloyed steels, stainless steel and production and process research.

Why Using neutron and synchrotron light?     

Synchrotron light is used in the same manner as when using lab based X-rays equipment for materials research but with the difference that the source is very much brighter. Not only this, it is important to note that the energy of synchrotron light is tuneable, which means that you can obtain information about the material on a different energy and physical scale and have access to the new techniques not available in the lab. This enables measurements that are done at the same time as when the material undergoes some simulated process step such as a heating cycle, deformation or other in-situ manipulation.

Analysis using neutrons are done similar to when studying materials with X-rays. Often, the two methods compliment each other. With neutron materials interior can easily be probed. For example, information concerning phases or strain and stress can be examined deep inside a weld or in other detail.

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