Microstructure & Microanalysis

Within microscopy and microanalysis, we study the way chemical composition and microstructure influence the final properties of different materials and the way these can be improved. Our equipment provides us with the opportunity to carry out reproduction and analysis of complex materials right down to nano-level.

Often, modern materials are products that have highly specialised compositions and areas of application. Swerim utilises advanced technology and expertise on microstructures and microanalysis to support industrial development that is moving towards even more sophisticated materials and processes.

The scope and complexity of the assignments vary from fairly simple microstructure analysis and hardness measurements for quality control of a certain product to more complex problems. Examples of this would be failure analyses and total support in the form of charting processes and production flows.

Apart from optical microscopes and confocal microscopes, our microscopy lab also comprises scanning electron microscopes and transmission electronic microscopes with advanced analysis and in-situ options. The latter makes it possible to portray and analyse complex materials at nano-level.