Non-destructive testing

There is a growing need for non-destructive testing and measurement methods (NDT) in the process and manufacturing industries, since these methods eliminate the need for time-consuming random sampling and lab testing. Within Swerim we have extensive expertise and are well equipped for performing many types of NDT.

Cost-effective production demands robust industrial measure methods for quality and process monitoring, which should preferably be nondestructive (NDT). We develop new methods for online inspection and monitoring of the entire manufacturing process, with direct feedback and control of the process.

From development to implementation

We work with everything from implementation of a new technology in an industrial application and combination of technologies to acquire new information about product properties to the development of entirely new technologies for industrial applications.

Test materials using non-destructive methods

Together with companies, in our test and demo facilities, we study material properties using various nondestructive methods. We have unique possibilities for combining the techniques and competencies available in the different Swerim institutes, which presents great opportunities for our customers.

Examples of areas in which we apply nondestructive measurement methods include: surface and interior defects, residual stresses, outer geometries, chemical analysis for recycling, surface cleanliness, depth of hardening, and microstructures. More information about the areas in which we work is given below.

  • Exterior and interior defects
  • Material properties online with LUS (Laser ultrasound)
  • Chemical composition for recycling
  • Surface cleanliness online
  • Surface particles
  • Residual stresses
  • Depth of hardening
  • Measurement of geometries and dimensions
  • Temperature and gas content in molten metal
  • Changes in operating condition

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