commissioned research

Commissioned Research

The majority of commissioned research at Swerim is performed for specific clients. We often function as an external R&D division and assignments commonly include large and complex R&D projects, analytical work and trials.  

Our extensive knowledge combined with high standard equipment makes us an excellent research partner. We have the right conditions to perform demanding research and development assignments for clients in many industry sectors. It may include the development of new and better-performing materials, analysis of products or production improvements etc.

We customize our research to your needs focusing on reaching applicable results adaptable to your company. All our research and development work relies on integrity and confidentiality. Clients also tend to appreciate us as an independent partner, which often increase the credibility of our research results.

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Pontus Rydgren

Pontus Rydgren

+46 (0)73 540 70 52

Guozhu Ye, Swerea MEFOS

Guozhu Ye

+46 (0)70 175 17 54