Conferences and Education

Often, the problem is not the lack of new skills, but in using those skills in a way conducive for development and increased customer satisfaction. Together with companies, colleges/universities and other knowledge providers, we develop training and skills support plans which contribute to enhanced competitiveness and increased profitability.

Conferences and seminars

Our conferences and seminars are designed according to the company's current and future needs. We help shaping the events in dialogue with our clients and partners. Our goal is to create networking opportunities delivering meaningful exchanges and valuable insights that you may apply in your own role or company.

Customised courses

Through us you can participate in custom made and flexible training models. This means you can influence the content, scope and locations for the training session. We also have several standard scheduled courses providing either basic or in-depth knowledge in various fields. Please contact us to learn more!

Open courses

Do you need to learn more about a manufacturing process? Become better at engaging your personnel? We offers open courses for further training. All scheduled open courses are posted in our calendar. Link to calendar.