små och medelstora företag

Development support for small and medium-sized industrial enterprises in Sweden

Swerim offers a collective resource for supporting product, process and business development in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With our broad range of expertise and our extensive networks, we are able to provide you with effective, quick answers and solutions within most fields.

For many years we have been working with smaller companies within fields such as energy and environmental engineering, legal issues, production engineering and other technical issues of varying kinds. We have expertise in a large number of materials fields. 

We know how applied research is converted into practical benefit in small and medium-sized enterprises. In collaboration with you, we will be able to resolve everyday problems within production and product development, and also research new technical and commercial opportunities.

In purely concrete terms, we will be able to help you, for example, when you need to:

  • Test and analyse components and products
  • Introduce new materials into your products
  • Improve the quality and performance in the manufacturing process
  • Make the production process more efficient
  • Increase the capacity for innovation
  • Make the product and the process more energy efficient
  • Find international business contacts
  • Create engineering and research collaborations

We also collaborate with regional and international players and have full knowledge of various funding options, which means that we will be able to meet varying requirements rapidly and effectively.

Contact and more information

Pontus Rydgren

Pontus Rydgren

+46 (0)73 540 70 52