Large-scale Pilot Trials

Large-scale testing – or experiments on a pilot scale – are a cost-effective way of testing processes without having to disrupt actual operations. You will gain valuable information as to the way the process is going to function on an industrial scale, and your risk will be minimised once the next step has to be taken. This applies to the design as well as to consumption figures.

Swerim's metallurgy and process engineering facilities are unique and we offer an advanced experimental and testing environment in which, working with you as our customer, we are able to develop new or change existing processes. We hold environmental permits which make it possible to test complex materials, and in our environmental facility, different exhaust cleaning phases can be tested and analysed.

Examples of applications

  • Development of metallurgical processes for reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Recycling or reprocessing residual products from metallurgical processes
  • Developing/testing new materials for suppliers to the steel and metal industries
  • Developing and testing new metallurgical systems
  • Developing heating and treatment processes

The facilities are easy to alter and adapt to the customers' own operating conditions. Our developed infrastructure also means that we can bring in the customer's equipment, build up, test and evaluate it.

With 50 years of experience behind us, we have solid expertise and, of course, always put safety first. With us, any mistakes will be inexpensive ones!

The capacity of the large-scale experimental apparatus for metallurgical processes is between three and six tonnes, for treatment, rolling and press forging up to 500 tonnes force, heating furnaces 3 tonnes/h.