International Projects

Swerim is currently participating in 26 EU projects, 7 of which we are leading. EU projects promote development in various sectors of society and are wholly or partly funded via EU programmes. In these projects, we normally collaborate with companies and other research organisations in Europe.

Below we are listing a selection of current EU-projects, in alphabetic order. 

CONSENSO – Continuous sensing for the on‐line monitoring of metallurgical Processes
EIT project that is developing on-line, non-contact measurement techniques for metallurgical processes.
Contact: Jonas Pettersson, jonas.pettersson [at]

FAMEC (Failure analysis and damage mechanisms of newly developed, gamma-prime strengthened Ni - based superalloy)

Reduced fuel consumption and emissions from jet motors is a prioritised area of development within the aircraft industry. The FAMEC project contributes through research and development of lighter and more efficient constructions of turbine components.
Contact: Anders Björkblad, anders.bjorkblad [at]

GREENSTEEL (Green Steel for Europe)
Green Steel for Europe is an RFCS project supporting research and innovation in the creation of low-carbon emissions steel production.
Contact: Chuan Wang, [at]

F-CUBED - Future Feedstock Flexible Carbon Upgrading to Bio Energy Dispatchable Carriers
The objective of the H2020 project F-CUBED is to develop an advanced process concept for the hydrothermal conversion of a broad range of low quality biogenic residues to superior intermediate bioenergy carriers (IEC) with fuel characteristics suitable for balancing the power grid, and to produce transportation and heavy industry fuels.
Contact: Chuan Wang, [at]

JOINOX  Guidelines for use of welded stainless steel in corrosive environments
JOINOX is a 3.5 year project sponsored by the Research fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS). The aim of this project is to develop a scientifically based guideline to determine fitness for purpose weld oxide surface and suggest appropriate post-weld cleaning strategies.
Contact: Núria Fuertes Casals, nuria.fuertes [at]

NEXT-LIB – Novel Circular Economic Approaches for Efficient Extraction of Valuables from Spend Li-Ion Batteries
NEXT-LIB is EU project funded by ERA.MIN2 in collaboration with national funding agencies: Vinnova (Sweden), ADEME (France), Calabria Region (Italy), Business Finland (Finland), FCT (Portugal). The project will contribute to a sustainable solution for Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIBs) recycling with low cost and low environmental impact, which will benefit to producers, users, and society.
Contacts: Guozhu Ye, [at] or Elsayed Mousa, elsayed.mousa [at]

Industrial symbiosis for a fossil-free society
Contact: Chuan Wang, [at]

PHIGO – Thermal Processing of P-rich ashes aiming for HIGH-GRADE PHOSPHORUS Products 
Contacts: Guozhu Ye, [at] and Elsayed Mousa, elsayed.mousa [at]

PMAPIA – Precipitation of Micro Alloy Particles in B and Mn alloyed steel grades and the InterAction between elements, segregation, and defects during continuous casting
The overall objective of RFCS project PMAPIA is to reduce rejection and requirements for surface rework caused by cracking defects of continuously cast semis by investigating interactions between alloying elements and their effects on micro segregation and precipitation processes during continuous casting (CC).
Contact: Jacek Komenda, jacek.komenda [at]

STEPWISE is a solid sorption technology for CO2 capture from fuel gases in combination with water-gas shift and acid gas removal. The main objectives of the STEPWISE project is to scale up the technology for the CO2 capture from Blast Furnace Gases (BFG). This will be done by the construction and the operation of a pilot test installation at Swerim enabling the technology to reach TRL6 as the next step in the research, development and demonstration trajectory.
Contact: Magnus Lundqvist, magnus.lundqvist [at]

The aim of the consortium's use-case focused on metal production is to bring together sensor data and digital twins towards creating insights that enable improved quality of the product, production process, and condition monitoring.
Contact: Sivaprasad Palla, sivaprasad.palla [at]